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Kindly expect a personal response from our end during working hours ( MondayFriday from 8.30am to 5.00 pm).

Please see information below.

 You may visit any of the following based on your preference.

  1. For “industry best” custom t-shirts: Pick our label “t-shirts.lk
  2. For custom t-shirts at a “budget rate”: Pick our label “BudgeTees
  3. For “rush timeline” t-shirts: Pick our label ” ExpressTees
  4. For “industry best” custom caps: Pick our label “caps.lk



Detailed information:


Please email the following to [email protected]

  1. number of t-shirts required
  2. t-shirt front artwork
  3. t-shirt back artwork
  4. t-shirt side artwork
  5. Additional remarks describing additional information
  6. Your name & mobile number




1) Customer agreement with the approximate pricing

2) Design assistance by t-shirts.lk for modifications in the specifications

3) Email approval for the finalized specifications by the customer

4) Quotation with finalized specifications to the customer through email

5) Payment: 100% in advance, copy of payslip emailed to [email protected]  (payment ( Bank details: Account Name: “LESOVA HOLDINGS (PVT) LTD., Account No: 021810000942, Bank Name: Sampath Bank, Branch Name: Borella Super)

6) Email approval for “print/embroidery branding sample”  on a piece of ‘white’ colour fabric


  1.   1st sample: free of charge, 5 working days
  2.   Each additional “print/embroidery branding sample” :  prepaid non refundable cost of LKR 3000.00+ additional 3 working days

  iii.  If full t-shirt sample with print/embroidery branding: additional prepaid non-refundable cost: LKR 5000.00 per 1 no + additional 7 working days per 1 no

  1.   Sample/s pickup: from our City Office: No.225, 1st Floor, Castle Street,Colombo 08, Sri Lanka on Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm ( Please contact City office on 0114363388 before visiting)

7) If samples in Step 06 rejected: Refund of invoice money after deducting non-refundable sample costs if any & LKR 3000.00 order cancellation fee

8) If samples in Step 06 accepted: Then bulk fabric is sourced as per finalized specifications in Step 04

9) If fabric is unavailable in bulk and alternate suggestions of different fabric colours of the same fabric/  same standard fabric colour from a different fabric rejected by the customer: Refund of invoice money after deducting non-refundable samples costs if any)

10) Bulk production completion

11) Bulk production pickup: T-shirts.lk Finishing Store, No. 81, Wattegedera Road, Maharagama, Sri Lanka on Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm ( Please contact City office on 0114363388 before visiting)

Note: If doorstep delivery: 4 additional working days | Colombo 01-15: Free of Charge, other areas: At an additional cost)



T-shirts.lk would never promise the “lowest price” in town =) And here’s why.

Our promise:

  • Highest Levels of Reliability ( We reject unrealistic deadlines right at the start without putting our valued clients in trouble with last minute failure notices)
  • Convenience ( production specific recommendations for reduced cost & improved quality right from design development stage until product completion)
  • High Quality Durable Product (without using B grade fabric/ink/stitching/embroidery; You will not buy a t-shirt today and throw it away tomorrow)
  • Continuous Availability in Material for Repeat Orders ( No stock-lot leftover fabric; just mill fabric)
  • Our product development cost & effort is probably the highest in town. As a result T-shirts.lk pricing could probably be the highest. A little additional investment in a durable product and a reliable service would always offer you nothing but the right value for your money.




(Excluding the time taken for Step 06 above)

  • Normal orders production timeline:100-500 nos: 20 working days ; 500 nos above: 22+ working days
  • Rush orders production timeline : 8-16 working days subject to additional cost & production space availability
  • Min 20 working days unless specifically mentioned. This does NOT include the time taken for approval by the customer once physical sample is ready for observation at No.225,1st Floor, Castle Street, Colombo 08, Sri Lanka.



  • a simple design with a minimum number of fabric colours and print/embroidery location
  • crewneck ( collarless) tshirts
  • t-shirts.lkdiscounted options with t-shirts.lk back tag(10% discount) / sleeve tag ( 15% discount) or right chest tag ( 20% discount). * Conditions apply.
  • Number of tshirts matter: Same process & effort from our end no matter the number is big or small. High setup cost and small quantity means high cost per tshirt. If you have a small quantity below 50 tshirts, try giving two tshirts for each person if they like to have, so that you can reduce the cost per tshirt.




Great if you do not have a finalized design, so that we can help you avoid:

 cost consuming designs

  • time consuming designs
  • designs that cause poor quality, less durable t-shirts

Basically we re-develop the design for you the get the best outcome.



  1.   Bulk production timeline for quantities below 500 nos: 20 working days (Gets calculated from Step 06 above. Excludes sample development time and customer delays in approving samples).
  2.   Actual product colours may vary from colours shown on your monitor as different monitors could contain different colour settings.

  iii.  Actual artwork proportions and layout may vary from computer aided prototypes depending on different t-shirt sizes & production related considerations.

  1.   A difference in the “source/s of origin” of a given generic fabric/accessories type could occur between the sample/s and the bulk batch
  2.   Availability of a particular “standard colour” for fabric/accessories is subject to order placement timeline.
  3.   Different batches of fabric/accessories of the “same” standard colour could contain colour variations within industry accepted tolerance levels.

  vii.  Branding on the completed t-shirt will match actual branding only upto the level each artwork supports print/embroidery parameters. No 100% matching in colour/shape/shade/clarity will be guaranteed.

  viii.  No further changes are allowed after sending the order confirmation email after step 04 in the production process.

  1.   Size chart: Only t-shirts.lk internal size charts would be used. No size charts of other vendors be used unless specifically mentioned. Measurement tolerance for blank t-shirts: +- 2.5cm, Measurement tolerance for t-shirts with contrast panels: +- 5cm
  2.   Unless specified pricing will be for pickup from our finishing store and for a maximum number of sizes of 4 from our size chart. LKR 5000.00 payment will be applicable for each additional size.
  3.   Rush orders orders may carry a premium price




(a) samples of previous work:




More samples: Available for viewing at our City Office: No. 225, 1st Floor, Castle Street, Colombo 08 ( Monday– Friday : 8.30 am to 5 pm)

City Office Google Map :


(b) customized pre-bulk samples ( optional & produced only at customer request) : Additional non refundable cost of LKR 5000.00 per sample, additional 7 working days from usual production time




  • All types of samples:  To be available for viewing, once ready, at our City Office: No.225, 1st Floor, Castle Street,Colombo 08, Sri Lanka on Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm ( Please contact City office before visiting)
  • Finished goods: T-shirts.lk Finishing Store, No. 81, Wattegedera Road, Maharagama, Sri Lanka ( Please contact City office before visiting)

(Doorstep delivery for samples/ finished goods: 4 additional working days | Colombo 01-15: Free of Charge)



 ( Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 5.00 pm)

City office hotline            :  +94114363388

Email support                    :  [email protected]

City office address           : T-shirts.lk, Lesova Holdings (Pvt) Ltd, No.225, 1st Floor, Castle Street,  Colombo08, Sri Lanka