Shirt printing with your corporate logo has never been easier. Get your formal corporate shirts with logo nicely printed or embroidered. Welcome to , Lesova Holdings (Pvt) Ltd. Let’s work together to design and manufacture quality shirts with your branding. Our services cover all types of branding including screen printing, embroidery and even sublimation printing on shirts. For shirt printing our product development cost & effort is probably among  the highest in town. As a result pricing could probably be the highest. A little additional investment in a durable product and a reliable service would always offer you nothing but the right value for your money. Since you are still happy to get a quote, please proceed.

Minimalistic design work best with corporate shirts. That means the shirt looks best when it has only got your logo. Then the focus to the logo can be easily achived as when there is not much detailing to look at, on the shirt, people would always tend to notice your logo and that is exactly what you need from a brand-building perspective. Based on your personal preference you can go for either short sleeve shirts or for long sleeves shirts for your team.  If you are out on the field quite often then it is easier when you have got short sleeve shirts over long sleeve shirts. Casper fabric and Oxford fabric work really well with corporate shirt requirements. In terms of comfortability, Oxford material is better than Casper material but in terms of ease of use with minimal shrinkage, Casper surpasses Oxford material.

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