Polo t shirt design is the most popular t shirt type our customers pick for their custom t shirt requirements. In Sri Lanka we have seen many corporates using the base polo design along with their corporate logo as gifts to their customers, partners and employees. These are some of the many reasons why polo design is probably the most popular design option for corporate t shirts in Sri Lanka.

  • Polo design looks professional and can be worn both in and outside the office environment.
  • The design offers greater comfortability to the wearer compared to a dress shirt when worn for longer hours.
  • Polo t shirt design can be customized easily to represent corporate logos, colours and etc.
  • Polo t shirts are easy to wash, dry and reuse.
  • Polo shirt can represent the comfort of t shirts while maintaining the professional appearance given by dress shirts, both at the same time.

If you too are planning to use the polo design for your next custom clothing project and want our support to get the garments, please click here to submit your contact information. Our team will support you throughout.

Polo t shirt design