Company t shirt design development is certainly a difficult task. On one hand you have t keep the tshirt look good. On the other hand you have to show the corporate colours where possible with corporate branding, as end of the day, branding is the underlying purpose of the company t shirt project. Hers’s a quick list of focus area that would be useful when managing corporate t shirt requirements.

Fabric usually come in standard colours. Instead of fabric, trying corporate colours with branding methods like printing & embroidery is the best option. Colours would not have the exact match but the closest possible on fabric surfaces.

Simple is more prominent. More branding is less focus. When there are 3 logos and the 3rd one is not a must have, simply skip it. That will offer better focus to the first 2 logos.

Custom clothing has wear and tear. If the uniforms are to be worn 5 days a week, 3 weeks a month, every member in your needs multiple sets of garments, not just 1 or 2 units.

Plan well in advance, leave enough time for design and spec changes. Different members in your management way have different priories. It takes time for coming into a consensus. Simply put leave 1 month for design and spec specifications and at least 1 month for production after finalizing so that nobody gets into trouble with short lead-times.

The company t shirt design you have initially will change eventually with more structured feedback coming from our product development team. Are you ready? Click here and submit your information. Our team will help you throughout.

Company t shirt design