Print for t shirt fabric types is a complex process compared to printing on paper and we need to have due diligence. T shirts fabric surfaces are uneven so it is best we do our homework before carrying out print for t shirt fabric types. We mainly focus on the following:

  • Selecting the most suitable decorating method for the artwork type
  • Selecting the compatible decorating methods for the given fabric type
  • Adjusting the artwork to increase its quality once printed on top of t shirt fabric

When you want to start your custom clothing project we need to specifically help you out. Correctly done print on your garment will not only make the garment beautiful but also it would portray your branding in the best possible way by combatting the drawbacks fabric surfaces have for printing. You need help? If “yes” we are more than happy to assist you.

Please click here, submit your contact information and then check your inbox/spam folder for the guidelines. Our City Office team will offer 1 to 1 support until you get hold of your custom merchandise. This is where stand out from the crowd.

Production leadtime: 3 – 8 weeks | Recommended order size for cost savings: LKR 300,000+ OR uniforms: 300+, other items: 1000+ | Minimum invoice value- LKR 50,000 | Recommended No of uniforms per person per year: 5-10 (5 day work week)

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print for t shirt fabric