Polo t shirt options are the most popular t shirt options among corporates. They are a perfect balance between formal and casual styles. Polos are more formal than crewneck options and more casual than dress shirt options. Let’s look at some advantages of polo t shirts for corporate needs.

Polos create uniformity

This takes everybody in the team to look alike helping them to stay focused on the common goals of the team.

Polos are unique

Polo options stand unique in the eyes of both employees and most importantly current and potential customers.

Polos establish brand identity

Brand identity gets stronger by the day when you have a team of members parading around wearing company logo branded polos.

Polos set appearance standards

“Formal in casual and casual in formal”  is the magic polos can make when it comes to corporate clothing for your team. They can go out in the field and into meetings wearing the same garment without any hesitation.

Polos are brand ambassadors

Polo t shirts carry your logo closest to the heart offering maximum brand visibility for your company or brand.  

Polos do team building

Your team will always look great in polos. Polos can help them to think like a team and act as a team.

We know you need the right support to bring your dream custom polo to life. We have been helping out corporates for years with their brand and team-building with polo t shirt options. We can help you too.

Please click here, submit your contact information and then check your inbox/spam folder for the guidelines. Our City Office team will offer 1 to 1 support until you get hold of your custom merchandise.

Production leadtime: 3 – 8 weeks | Recommended order size for cost savings: LKR 300,000+ OR uniforms: 300+, other items: 1000+ | Minimum order size: Garments- 100 | Caps, Ties & Hats- 200| Minimum invoice value- LKR 50,000 | Recommended No of uniforms per person per year: 5-10 (5 day work week)

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