Printing for t shirt designs you want to have for your team, is what we want to work out for you. If you do have a design we help you further edit it to remove any production-related non-compliance issues. On the other hand if you do not have a design, we help you tp develop one from scratch. When developing your design we will consider many factors beyond the appearance of the design, and adjust the design accordingly. Some of such factors are:

  • The exact purpose of the custom clothing project for brand visibility/ charity etc
  • The stability of the garment structure once sewn
  • Amount of raw material wastage for different designs
  • Available budget of the customer
  • Available timeline for production
  • Compatibility of branding logos and slogans with different decorating methods and backgrounds

Please click here, submit your contact information and then check your inbox/spam folder for the guidelines. Our City Office team will offer 1 to 1 support until you get hold of the printing for t shirt bulk.

Production leadtime: 3 – 8 weeks | Recommended order size for cost savings: LKR 300,000+ OR uniforms: 300+, other items: 1000+ | Minimum order size: Garments- 100 | Caps, Ties & Hats- 200| Minimum invoice value- LKR 50,000 | Recommended No of uniforms per person per year: 5-10 (5 day work week)

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