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The MostCost EffectiveT shirts

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wetlook sweat free sports - A Grade
polo pique - polyester 100%
polo pique 65/35 Poly Cotton
cotton single jersey fabric

Fabric quality

As a company policy we refrain from quoting for “B grade fabric” in order to maintain the t-shirt quality and the level of comfortability
even though same results in a significant additional production cost. However this will always remain in favour of our valued customers through allowing them to receive quality product.

Effect of MOQ

If you order Higher number of T shirts you can bring down the unit cost. minimum order quantity is 20 nos. Our Economic order quantity: 50 nos. from the single design.

T-shirt Pattern

If you are on tight budget you must understand that outstanding styles will cost more. Try to order Standard Crew neck t-shirt or Standard Polo t-shirt (Collar) without cuffs.

Fabric color

If your order quantity is below 50 you may go for a single fabric color. Choose a Black or a White garment for the lowest possible price. Sometimes you may need special fabric colors which match according to your cooperate logo colors. Sometimes it may take little extra time to order special fabrics as per your requirement. If you have short deadline we recommend to move with available best fabric color.


We print your design using Screen Printing technique. This requires a separate screen for each colour which will be printed. If your artwork contain few colors that mean we have tp produce more screens and initial setup cost will be high. To keep costs down,try to avoid multiple colors. Always use flat colors.

Print size

Feel free to decide your print size. If you need to bring down the cost try to keep your design simple & small. A4 size or the sizes smaller than that are the most commended print frame sizes for low cost Budget when compared to A3 size print frame which involves a higher cost.

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