T shirt size chart is important. To get the size breakdown correctly, strictly follow the instructions therein & avoid using physical tshirts. Physical tshirts have the +/- tolerances shown in the t shirt size chart and if you would follow the physical tshirts to get your size breakdown instead of the size chart then you would be in trouble.

Always stick to our size chart or you will get different sizes than what you expected. Different vendors have different size charts. Our sizes are tested with Different body sizes and we can verify that it’s suitable for Asian Body Sizes.

What we do is batch production where garments are processed as a single batch, from raw material through work in progress to finished goods. Unlike in bespoke tailoring where garments are made, one after the other, with measurements of individuals taken separately. For example, there could be 20 people who could wear our size M despite their individual measurements may slightly differ. If you want a custom fit what you can do is leaving space for tolerances and going for a larger version of the garment and then getting it re-adjusted through any tailor shop to match with your individual preferences.

You can always request Sample t shirts sizes from us before proceed the Bulk Print.


* Unisex size chart is recommended
* Keep additional 2 tshirts for every 50 nos ( eg: 52 nos) to avoid difficulties when practically matching measurements of thsirts of the team members
* Refer to sheet mesuarement locations

Submit the form & get the size charts to your inbox. If you feel like it is a hassle to get sizes for tshirts maybe you can consider a custom cap that is easier to handle compared to tshirts. Unlike t shirts, everybody can wear the same cap when it has got an adjustable velcro strap.

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    For a team of 25 people, if worn once a week, a minimum 100 t shirts per year to fight wear & tear effect | Recommended no of uniforms per person per year: 5-10 (for a 5-day work week)

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    Optional: Please attach your company logo & wording files to do proper costing. If you have a garment design please attach that as well. However we recommend picking from our tried and tested pattern numbers from our catalogue you will receive into your email inbox after submitting this form

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