T shirt price

T shirt price mainly depends on factors such as batch size, t shirt pattern, number & complexity of print or embroidery artworks and the grade & the type of material used. In addition to these, the production timeline, number of different mini inside a single batch, number of different sizes involved, square area covered by branding work would also contribute to the cost of a garment significantly. We recommend contacting our team before you start working on a design or a total volume for the batch so that our team can help you pick the best possible options. Those options will help you to strike a balance between the outcome of the design  & the budget spent allowing you to get the right returns on marketing investment. With our experience, we can say that less complex designs with a batch size f over 500 pieces work better in keeping the t-shirt price low as well as in offering maximum space for brand visibility. On the other hand complex designs would not only cost you more money but also drive the focus away from branding elements on the garments towards the complex features of the garment.  This concept is the same for other custom products even, such as corporate branded caps, ties, shirts, uniforms & bags.

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    Type of the Fabric is a factor affecting t shirt price

    Type of the Fabric
    Quality of the Fabric
    Number of different fabric colors used for the tshirt

    MOQ of tshirts is a factor affecting t shirt price

    Total t shirt quantity
    Composition of the size breakdown

    T shirt pattern with collar is a factor affecting t shirt price

    Pattern of the T shirt
    Amount of extra work on the tshirt
    (piping,extra stripes in the collar/sleeves, Buttons)

    Different Colors in T shirt Print is a factor affecting t shirt price

    Number of different colors in the print
    Size of the Print
    Artwork preparation charges (If the original print artwork is unavailable)

    Custom Embroidery work is a factor affecting t shirt price

    Embroider Work
    Number of Stitching for the design
    Number of different colors in the Design
    Size of the Design

    Rush Orders is a factor affecting t shirt price

    Rush Orders
    Fixed Date Schedules
    Special Deadlines

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