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Tee shirt printing done right will create value for your brand. Any other custom clothing production is no exception to tee shirt printing. Say hello via “[email protected]” to start your next custom clothing project.

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Ideal volumes: garments-500 upwards    caps, ties & hats-1000

Minimum invoice value: LKR 50,000

Production savings for invoices from LKR 500,000 upwards

Production Time for different requirements: 3 weeks – 8 weeks

No price undercutting to show the lowest cost in town | Ethical competition & ethical sourcing | Fair by the industry & fair by the clientele | Reliable in product & service quality

Taj Mahal would not have been so beautiful if its creator asked for 3 quotations and decided to resort to the lowest. Let’s not underestimate the power of custom merchandise as they can make or break a brand. Let’s focus on “reliability’’ instead of fake promises for the lowest price in town or the shortest timeline. 

We do not do price undercutting to merely impress customers. Price undercutting makes an industry unstable with no gain to the sellers including our competitors. Customers also get to face poor service and product quality over time. Our policy is that we serve our valued clientele in our best capacity for them to own a good product within the promised timeline at a decent price.

On the other hand, we help the industry including our competitors both big & small, by doing our part to maintain a sustainable industry. We do ethical sourcing and strive to maintain that the entire supply chain upto the final garment gets the right price for their effort. Yes, it is true that we would lose a customer or two who needs a “lower-than-the-overall cost” price but we would have the rest who expect long standing relations. 

Thank you for your enquiry & Welcome to Lesova Holdings (PVT) Ltd. You are now with the right team. Let’s work out your custom merchandise project together.

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Custom & Promotional Merchandise 1000+ corporate projects | 8+ years in business
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