• August 29, 2013
University t shirt designs | Sri Lanka University Tshirts

University of Kelaniya T shirt:

Well yes! We managed to offer a nice t shirt with screen printing for “Career Fair 2012” of the University of Kelaniya. It was fun. For university t shirt designs it is a must to have a nice appearance while keeping the t shirt price at an optimum level. Budget is a concern. We always try to keep that in mind and among our many different t-shirt designs we have a range of cost effective t shirts as well. Just like t shirts even for baseball cap printing we have a range options through our partner operation www.caps.lk. Will you visit there as well? Not all heroes wear capes and some do wear caps instead.

Here’s how to decorate your university t shirt:

Inside a university there are many societies who would want to do a fundraiser t shirt, a club t shirt for members or even an alumni t shirt. No matter what your plan is we are here to support your project Just like the University of Kelaniya t shirt we talked about here, you can always sit with our team to finalize the type of the t shirt design you need from an array of university t shirt designs. Based on both your preferences and the technical feedback coming from our design team, we can start customizing a proper tshirt design template until you are happy with the final outcome of the garment. If you like, you can use the university logo as the main identifier with additional wordings and designs to improve the quality of the overall t shirt design. Our team would be more than happy share some incredibale ideas for a classy t shirt design. In this example, the team decided not to put the University of Kelaniya logo on the t shirt instead to go ahead with the event logo and the name of university.

Ready to go ahead with your custom t shirt?

Options are endless when it comes to designing a quality t shirt, based on your individual preferences. Based on the features of your logo and your personal preferences you can either use embroidery or printing as a decorating method of your branding. Ready to go? Now is the time. We are here to help. Let’s get going.