Printed shirts for corporate requirements are not uncommon. Not every company wants custom t shirts. Some of them want custom shirts. Well, we understand your priorities and we are here to help you get what you want. Compared to to tshirts the production time for a shirt is faily high. So we recommend using corporate shirts for requirements when you are not running behind a tight deadline.

Main types of printed shirts

  • Short sleeve corporate shirt (Ideal for day to day use. Comfortable both indoors and outdoors. A great for brand building.)
  • Long sleeve corporate shirt (Ideal for occasions when long sleeves are a must.)

Branding on shirts

These branding methods are recommended for branding work on corporate shirts.

Fabric types for printed shirts

We use the following fabric types mainly for corporate shirts.

  • Casper fabric ( Easier to iron compared to Oxford fabric)
  • Oxford fabric ( More comfortable compared to Casper fabric, Gets wrinkles after ironing earlier than Casper fabric, Higher fabric shrinkage after initial washes)

Main sizes for shirts





However we offer other sizes as well based on specific requirements.

printed shirt

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