Custom Embroidery

T shirt embroidery is one of the most popular selection of branding methids picked by our customers when they want to get done their corporate t shirts and other custom clothing products. Custom Embroidery service is available based on the design. Embroidery Service is ideal for mediums such as polo (Crocodile) Tshirts, Caps & Hats, Custom Bags, etc. We help customers to promote their company logos to their customers & partners through t shirt embroidery. Most of our corporate clients prefer to use embroidery for their corporate uniforms specifically for polo t shirts. Corporate branded t shirts with company logo embroidered is a sure fire way to boost the brand image of a company. In addition to custom t shirts we can add embroidery to many other products such as custom caps & corporate shirts with your company logo prominently displayed on the garment.

There are both pros and cons in embroidery.  While embroidery may offer a rich appearance to a t shirt, compared to other decorating methods such as sublimation printing, screen printing & industrial sticker printing, embroidery may not be able to offer fine detailing. Simply put, logos with limited details work best with embroidery. On the other hand,logos with fine details may not come as clear as we expect them to be when we use embroidery. The simple reason for this is embroidery uses threads to bring the artwork to life and there is a limit that thread can make fine curves compared to ink that would be used in either screen printing or sublimation printing. Based on the level of detailing in different logos, we also offer our recommendations regarding the type of branding that may work best. With that customers can come to an informed decision.  

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