The most cost effective way for t shirt printing:

  1. fabric type: wetlook sweat free sports fabric_A grade
  2. t-shirt type: crew neck
  3. number of fabric colours: 01 ( preferably black)
  4. number of print colours: 01
  5. size of the print: smaller the print area lower the cost
  6. qty: over 50 nos.

Fabric quality:

As a company policy we refrain from quoting for “B grade fabric” in order to maintain the t-shirt quality and the level of comfortability even though same results in a significant additional production cost.This act will always remain in favour of our valued customers through giving them a quality product even tough it would NOT indicate a seemingly visible reduction in the “unit price” at the time the purchase decision is taken.

Try to Order Higher quantity for lower the unit cost of production in t shirt printing (preferably over 100 nos.)

T-shirt type
Outstanding Styles will cost more. Try to order Standard Crew neck t-shirt or Standard Polo t-shirt (Collar)

Fabric colour
If your order quantity is below 100 you may go for a single colour fabric. (Choose a Black or White garment for the lowest possible price if youʼre on a tight budget.)

We print your Design using Screen printing technique. This requires a separate screen for each color which will be printed. More colors mean more screens and higher manufacturing costs. To keep costs down, designs may be color reduced to use fewer colors in the final manufacturing set up. ( preferably one print colour)

Print size
Try to keep your Design Simple & small. A4 size or the sizes smaller than that are the most commended for low cost Budget when compared to A3 size which involves a higher cost .

Fabric types ( from least cost to highest cost)
1. Wetlook sweat free synthetic sports fabric(A grade)
2.cotton single jersey fabric(standard grade )
3.polo pique(crocodile)_polyester 100% fabric (A grade)
4.polo pique(crocodile)_cotton 35%, polyester 65% fabric (A grade)